Fleet Management

What is MHC Mobility’s fleet management service?

With MHC Mobility’s car fleet management service, you entrust the care of your company vehicle stock to us in exchange for a fixed monthly fee, which is known in advance. For this fee, you get a wide range of solutions and benefits that will allow you to forget about fleet management issues and focus on growing your business: 

Cost optimisation

Billing is done through a single invoice, and your company will quickly see savings from controlling your vehicle maintenance costs.

Safety for your drivers

We give you 24/7 access to the Assistance service and the support of an experienced, dedicated team of Customer Service specialists.


You have a full range of services at your disposal, including 24/7 MHC Assistance, ongoing maintenance, insurance packages independent of the insurance market, claims adjustment, fuel cards, tire replacement and storage.

Additional support in managing your fleet

Do you have a company fleet of several, several dozen or maybe even several hundred vehicles? Explore its full potential with the fleet management service provided by MHC Mobility! 

We will help you:

  • Increase employee productivity and mobility
  • Achieve the business objectives set for your vehicle fleet 
  • Control and optimise your vehicle stock maintenance costs
  • Decarbonise your fleet and meet the objectives of your sustainability strategy.
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Comprehensive and flexible service package

Fleet performance analysis

MHC Mobility experts will review your current fleet, vehicle stock and staff management and identify opportunities to optimise their performance.

End-to-end mobility strategy

Based on the analysis, we will prepare an end-to-end development plan for your company’s vehicle fleet. 

We will advise you on the best mobile solutions and help you make the most appropriate decisions in terms of finance, effectiveness and the environment.

Personal approach

We feel responsible for our customers' fleets. Once we get to know your business needs and expectations, we will prepare a Full Service Leasing service tailored to your business.

Account Manager

Your Account Manager provides immediate support in all areas related to fleet management: negotiating the best terms of service, ongoing fleet maintenance, efficient vehicle service management.

A dedicated team of experts

A carefully selected team of MHC Mobility specialists who know the history and specifics of your fleet are here to serve you and your drivers with their expertise.

Do you have a specific problem? Now you always know where to turn to immediately get professional help.

Always on track

Fleet management by MHC Mobility will allow your company to dynamically adapt to the evolving fleet industry and respond to any legal and tax changes.

Meeting CSR objectives

We will show you how to design your company’s mobility policy to meet your CSR (corporate social responsibility) objectives while maximising the business efficiency of your fleet.

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Sales Department +48 22 379 12 43From Mon. to Fri., between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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