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What is a leaseback?

Leaseback is a solution for companies which have their own vehicles and are looking for a way to optimise costs and improve fleet management. As part of the service:

  • we buy your company’s fleet and make it available to you under a long-term rental agreement,
  • MHC becomes the owner of the vehicles and is fully responsible for fleet management, while your company uses the vehicles and a suite of additional services for a fixed monthly fee, 
  • thanks to the sale of the fleet, your company receives a considerable financial injection
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Your fleet is your capital

IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN FLEET AND WANT TO INCREASE THE CASH FLOW ON YOUR COMPANY ACCOUNT, leaseback will be the perfect solution for your business. How does it work? 


You sell us your fleet.


The money goes directly to your business account.


You rent the same cars from us under a long-term rental agreement.

Benefits from Sale and Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback fleet sales come with numerous benefits for your business. 


You get the full market value of the vehicles as per their current condition. you can use the funds for your business.


You retain full mobility of the fleet and entrust the sale and leaseback process to us.


You gain the support and advice of an experienced business partner who specialises in concluding and executing such agreements.


YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT REPAIRS, RISING PRICES OF CAR PARTS OR LABOUR. your company is not dependent on the situation on the used car market. 

Why work with MHC?

  • We guarantee certainty of funds, stability of services and the ability to focus on the long term.
  • We provide support and advice from a qualified, close-knit team of professionals.
  • We finance and manage all types of fleets: cars, vans, trucks and specialised commercial vehicles.

Learn how to optimise fleet management and get cash for your business. Fill in the form and talk to our expert.

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Sales Department +421 2 3277 7011From Mon. to Fri., between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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